• intro

    Our group's broader interests encompass polymorphism, crystal engineering, crystal structure prediction, solid state and structural chemistry, and pushing the boundaries of powder X-ray diffraction methods.


    The targets of this research are active pharmaceutical ingredients having one or more undesirable physical properties (such as low solubility). The aim of our research is to engineer these materials, to alter their physical properties without making or breaking any chemical bonds.

    Covalent Framework Systems

    We are interested in the synthesis of covalent framework materials and in their potential as nano carriers in a Pharma context.

    Functional Materials

    From negative thermal expansion to auxeticity; from magnetic structures to jumping crystals - our aim is to study the solid state behaviour of these materials, and to exploit their physical properties for practical and commercial applications.

    Cultural Heritage

    Our latest work includes the use of powder X-ray diffraction for archaeometric purposes, and crystal engineering for the alteration of physical properties of pigments. Read more here.


    Statistical Methods

    With crystal structure databases growing significantly by the day, statistical analysis of published structures can be a powerful tool in directing industrial and laboratory cocrystallisation experiments. We apply this mainly in a pharmaceutical context.

    Cometary Crystals, Large Molecules, and Pushing the Boundaries

    Is cocrystal formation feasible on comets? What drives cocrystallisation in extreme conditions? Does (molecular) size matter in cocrystals?